Pacolli: I paid 90.000 euros... Vjosa never thanked me

However, he says she never thanked him for it.
"I am a member of the Assembly of Kosovo, I also have a party that has councilors in the municipalities. I think I have respect from people wherever I appear. I never lied, I never cheated, I did not abuse the budget, I did not even receive a salary, I paid for Kosovo," Pacolli said.

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg: The Situation in the Western Balkans is becoming Dangerous

Bosnia needs Attention to Save itself from Disintegration

NATO foreign ministers launched a separate meeting during a planned meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Riga on the situation in the Western Balkans, which the Alliance considers worrying. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg opened the meeting today.

Von Cramon "shocked"; Brnabic: What Viola is telling us? That we should shoot people?

Namely,Von Cramon expressed hope that there would be a change of approach towards official Belgrade. According to her, that change could happen when her party takes over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, as envisaged by the coalition agreement.

EU Observers Say Kosovo Voters Misled by ‘Opaque’ Facebook Pages

The EU Election Observation Mission said on Tuesday that non-transparent Facebook pages were responsible for "manipulative interference" in Sunday's mayoral election run-off contests, spreading misinformation about rival parties and candidates, although the polls were well-organised.

Kosovo Court Upholds Jailing of Serb Ex-Fighter for War Crimes

The Court of Appeals in Pristina on Monday rejected appeals from the defence and prosecution and upheld the 12-year sentence handed down to Zoran Djokic for war crimes against civilians in 1999.

"The verdict contains sufficient and convincing reasons for establishing the facts clearly," the court said in the verdict.