Serbia-Kosovo Reconciliation Festival Opens Despite Rightist Fury

The Mirëdita, Dobar Dan festival, which means "good day" in Albanian and Serbian and promotes reconciliation between Serbs and Kosovo Albanians, opened Wednesday in Belgrade with a photo exhibition, "All our tears", which pays homage to victims of war in Yugoslavia, particularly ethnic Serbs, Albanians and Macedonians.

Media: If Pristina does that, Serbia prepared a ready answer; 14 countries promised

As Novosti has learned, Serbia will respond by activating the campaign for the derecognition of Kosovo, and as the paper has learned, our country has firm promises from 14 countries that are ready to withdraw their decisions on the recognition of Kosovo and Metohija.

Serbia, Kosovo Exchange Destabilisation Claims at UN Security Council

At the latest UN Security Council meeting to discuss the UN Mission in Kosovo on Wednesday in New York, both Serbia and Kosovo sought to portray the other as an agent of destabilisation in light of concerns that the security situation could deteriorate in the Balkans while war is ongoing in Ukraine.