Blic: Macron suddenly summoned both Vucic and Thaci

Both Vucic and Thaci are in Paris, attending the Peace Forum. Vucic left the Forum's Panel on Multilateralism in order to speak with the French President, the newspaper further said.
Namely, Macron met with Vucic last night, with whom he spoke for more than an hour.
"Macron wants to see Vucic again, and then with Vucic and Thaci together", diplomatic sources told "Blic".

Johannes Hahn had no answer to one question

In his report to the European Parliament on the Western Balkans, the Commissioner for Accession Negotiations, Johannes Hahn, said that the prospect of EU accession was the biggest impetus for reforms and processes in the region, and when it came to Serbia, he said that the idea of an agreement with Kosovo would only make sense if there is a prospect of joining the EU.

Answer to Kurti: You got caught in your own lies

"Although he announced that he would have to respect the result of the Serb List due to the pressure of the international community, Kurti tried to belittle Serbian people's victory by telling lies and uttering insults, demeaning the unity shown by the Serbian people on the October 6 elections", Serb List announced last night in the media statement regarding Kurti's interview given to N1.

Kurti: Bosnia can't be treated in the same way as Serbia

"I cannot treat Bosnia the same as Serbia, even though Bosnia does not recognize Kosovo", Kurti said, who is considered the most serious candidate for Kosovo's Prime Minister, by Sarajevo-based N1 television.
While being a guest of the "Pressing" talk show, that will be aired tonight, Kurti announced negotiations on annulling visas to the citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina.