Judo, Japan's 'gentle' martial art practiced by millions

It's practiced by tens of millions around the world but there's no doubt that judo's spiritual home is Japan, where the martial art was created and made its Olympic debut.

It will be among the sports most closely watched by home fans at the pandemic-delayed Tokyo Games, and is so deeply embedded in Japanese society it even has its own branch of medicine.

Green diplomacy network, launched by MAE, with 18 diplomatic missions included in first stage

Romania's climate diplomacy pilot network was launched on Tuesday, following an initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), including, in a first stage, 18 diplomatic missions of our country, the most active in the field of climate diplomacy.

Nobel Prizes Handed out in Year Marked by Coronavirus Pandemic


 This year's Nobel laureates will receive their prizes at home this week after the coronavirus pandemic forced the traditional Stockholm and Oslo ceremonies to cancel.

The awards in the six categories were announced in nearly typical fashion in October, albeit with fewer reporters in physical attendance.