Aegean Airlines

ATHEX: Stock market drops a gear on Monday

A rather subdued session at the Greek stock market on Monday saw most stocks yield ground for a second day in a row on the lowest daily trading of the last 11 sessions. Early gains gave way to some profit-taking by traders who believe the market has been overbought over the last few weeks, when the benchmark had climbed to its highest point since 2011.

ATHEX: Piraeus Bank buoys stock market higher

Despite the attention the new 10-year bond issue garnered on Tuesday, the index and the trading volume rebounded at Athinon Avenue, driven by the growth of Piraeus Bank, which reached a new high. The momentum remains positive at the Greek bourse and, despite the temporary ups and downs, the underlying trend points to significant gains for the year that is now one month old.

ATHEX: Bourse index hits another 10-year high

The rally continued at the Greek stock market on Wednesday, with the benchmark climbing to a new decade-high despite the fragmented picture among blue chips. Eventually the main index advanced thanks to specific buys made among non-bank large-caps. Mid-caps outperformed once again, as traders seek out investment opportunities in underbought stocks.

Aegean Air at all-time high

Aegean Airlines offered the biggest number of seats in a year ever in 2023, also setting a new passenger record, while occupancy also improved from 2022.

Last year, the airline offered 20% more seats, which amounted to 18.5 million, i.e. 800,000 more than in 2019. It carried 15.5 million passengers, a number that is 26% higher than in 2022.

ATHEX: Banks index hits 6.5-year record high

Stocks at Athinon Avenue recorded yet another day of growth on Tuesday, with the benchmark rising for the fourth session in a row to reach a new five-month high. However, the banks index recorded an even more memorable feat, as it climbed to highs unseen in six-and-a-half years, boosted by successive reports pointing to upcoming profits and credit expansion.

ATHEX: Bourse adds more to its annual rise

The year's final week started for the Greek stock market on Wednesday with a slight increase for the main index, mainly thanks to the growth of National Bank stock that also led to the banks index posting significant gains on the day. As things stand, the benchmark is heading for an annual growth rate of 40% for the entire year.