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Germany Provides 6,470 Bulgarian Students Financial Assistance

Apart from the obvious threat of the coronavirus, students are also struggling to deal with the financial problems that the outbreak has created.

According to a survey Studying-in-Germany.org conducted, 90% of international students in Germany are financially affected because of Covid-19.

Climate bonds are on the rise (infographic)

Green bonds, also known as climate bonds, are liabilities issued to finance green projects, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency or clean water projects. They’re proving more and more popular. In 2016 alone, the volume of newly issued liabilities more than doubled from €32 to €68 billion worldwide compared to a year before.

Germany made more than €1bn out of Greek crisis!


Between its loans to Athens and its debt buying programmes, Germany has cashed in to the tune of €1.34bn since the beginning of the Greek crisis.

Germany’s finance ministry has published details of the profits it has made on loans to Greece: €1.34bn since 2009, according to reports by German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung.