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US embassy to cooperate with local environmental protection organization

Greek environmental organization Ecogenia announced on Wednesday its upcoming collaboration with the US Embassy in Greece within the framework of the "From California to Olympus" project, focusing on mobilizing young people to build it climate resilience at local level in the country, in a period when the climate crisis and natural disasters are a matter of the highest priority for Greece

Measuring the height of Mt Olympus, a century later

A group of climbers, research geologists and topography specialists have recalculated the altitude of Mt Olympus, Greece's highest mountain, with modern methods, a century after the Swiss surveyor and alpinist Marcel Kurz in 1921.

His work was completed in 1923, calculating the altitude at 2,917.85 meters.

Ecogenia forging a legacy of stewardship

Ecogenia is heading to Mount Olympus and invites you to help them reach the peak! In spring 2024, the team will again be putting boots on the ground to lead their first disaster management pilot. This project will combine ecotourism program impact (trail maintenance and revitalization work) with disaster management (wildfire fuel reduction, fire breaks, community engagement).

Vilia – The fire is out of control

The situation because of the big fire in the area of ​​Vilia is dramatic. At night five more settlements were evacuated (Thea, Panorama, Paleochori, Paleokoundoura and Agia Sotira) and the nursing home "Panagia Faneromeni", as the flames that spread on a large front approached residential areas burning dense and inaccessible virgin pine forest on Mount Patera.

Leadership of the Romanian Tennis Federation, recognized in court after winning trial with Marius Vecerdea

The leadership of the Romanian Tennis Federation was recognized in court after winning at the Court of Appeal the lawsuit filed by the representative of the Pamira Sibiu club, Marius Vecerdea, challenging the election of Ion Tiriac to the FRT presidency.