Why Serb Nationalism Still Inspires Europe’s Far Right

Central to Tarrant's worldview appears to have been a commitment to the so-called "Great Replacement" theory.

This conspiracy theory posits that Muslim immigration to Western countries is a secret plot to "outbreed" white Christians of European ancestry and thus take over their "homelands". A peculiar brand of Islamophobia, it is rooted in anti-Ottoman sentiment. Dancila: Romania constantly backed need to ensure higher living standard of citizens

Romania has constantly supported the need and importance of ensuring a high standard of living for citizens, on Wednesday said in Brussels the Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, at the Tripartite Social Summit, an event that was centered on "For a stronger, united and forward-looking Europe", the website of Romania's Presidency of the EU Council reads.

World Happiness Report: Bulgaria is Ranked 97th in the World

Bulgaria is ranked 97th in the world in happiness between Cameroon and Ghana, being more unhappy than almost all Balkan countries, according to World Happiness Report 2019, quoted by

Many foreigners who visit our country mark a very repulsive trait in the Bulgarians - always complaining about everything and its pessimism.

Executed Teenage Partisan Fighter Commemorated in Croatia

The Serbian National Council, which represents Croatia's Serb minority, and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights NGO organised a trip to the former Stara Gradiska and Jasenovac camps on Sunday on the anniversary of the execution of Nada Dimic, a member of the anti-Ustasa resistance movement in WWII.

Croats Protests Against Violence to Women and Children

Supporters of the anti-domestic violence campaign "Save me" in Croatia protested on Saturday in three cities - Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik - to "show solidarity with victims of violence and demand that the system adequately protect them", it said.

The movement began only two weeks ago with the start of a Facebook group that already counts more than 45,000 members.

President Iohannis welcomes Croatian senior official Buric to discuss Romanian, Croatian communities, economic co-operation

Romania's President Klaus Iohannis on Friday welcomed visiting Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Croatia Marija Pejcinovic Buric to discuss political dialogue, economic co-operation and the state of play in the Romanian speaking communities of Croatia and the Croatian minority in Romania.