Several regions and countries removed from red list, including Croatian Adriatic

Ljubljana – The government has changed the list of countries and territories placed in the red zone in terms of the Covid-19 epidemic to exclude, among others, the Croatian Adriatic area, Germany and the Czech Republic. The relevant decree adopted on Thursday will enter into force on Saturday and be valid until 20 June

To Vima Exclusive: US Congressional Act backs Greek purchase of F-35 fighter planes, frigates

By Angelos Athanasopoulos

In a move, charged with weighty geopolitical significance that can lead to a further strategic upgrade of Greece in US geostrategic planning, Democratic Senator and Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations Bob Menendez today tabled an Act designed to further bolster US-Greece military cooperation.

Slovenian EU presidency to lead dialogue based on second rule of law report

Brussels – The Slovenian EU presidency will lead dialogue based on the European Commission’s second annual rule of law report, which will be released at the start of Slovenia’s six-month stint. The polemics over tying EU funds to respect for the rule of law will continue and it is not yet clear what will happen with proceedings against Poland and Hungary.

Turkish ocean rower eyes new record

Erden Eruç, the holder of 15 Guinness world records, hopes to be the first person in history to row across the Pacific Ocean, from North America to Asia.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency in an interview, Eruç said that in two weeks, he planned to depart from Crescent City, California in a rowboat for Hong Kong, where he aims to make landfall in March 2022.

Key figure in 1996 journo murder released on condition of judicial control

Following a statement regarding the 1996 murder of Kutlu Adalı, a prominent Turkish Cypriot journalist, Atilla Peker has been released with a judicial control measure on the charge of "helping to premeditated murder" by an Istanbul court to which he was referred to.