Democracy Digest: Signs, Trains and Espionage in Czechia

Czechia's centre-right government has agreed a "neutral stance' on a controversial bill to enshrine marriage as between a man and a woman in the constitution, Prime Minister Petr Fiala announced on Wednesday. The legislation was proposed in response to the 'threat' posed by the recent submission of a parliamentary bill to legalise gay marriage.

Wildfires Can’t Extinguish Climate Change Scepticism in Czechia

Amid the vicious heatwave pummelling Europe, the acrid stench of wildfires invaded homes across Czechia as fire ripped through Ceske Svycarsko (Czech Switzerland), one of the country's four national parks. Germany. Italy, and Slovakia joined the battle, as the inferno threatened to consume the area's magical sandstone stacks and pine forest sitting on Czechia's northwest border.

Oil shipments from Russia resume to Czechia

Oil shipments from Russia through a critical pipeline to Czechia resumed on Aug. 12 after more than a week, the Czech pipeline operator Mero said.

Czechia became the last central European country after Slovakia and Hungary to receive deliveries from the southern branch of the Druzhba pipeline after a problem over payments for transit was resolved.

What Happens When You Lose Abortion Rights and How to Win Them Back: 6 Lessons From Poland

The cultural tier has to do with language and public imagination. The strategy is far more insidious than just taking part in public debate. Anti-choice propaganda is relentless, loud, gruesome and repetitive. It ignores reality, it appeals to deep-felt anxieties. It can be brutal, as with images of cut-up, bloody foetuses paraded in front of schools or driven around on the sides of vans.

Retired ambassador Nazmi Akıman passes away

Retired Turkish ambassador Nazmi Vildan Akiman passed away on July 1. Born in 1929 in Ankara, Akıman graduated from Şişli Terakki High School, Istanbul University Faculty of Law and Columbia University Faculty of Political Sciences.

He represented Türkiye as a diplomat in the Foreign Ministry between 1957 - 1991. He served as Türkiye's ambassador to Cuba, Greece and Spain.

Democracy Digest: Czech Wages Highest in V4; New US Military Base in Poland

In other Czech news, Prague is set to take over the rotating six-month presidency of the EU from France on Friday. This would be the second time Czechia has served as the president of the EU Council since it joined the bloc in 2004. It had been hoping for a smoother ride this time, unlike in 2009 when the government collapsed during its stint, causing its presidency to be judged a disaster.