Greece is a country in the southern Balkans


Creditors’ mission chiefs arrive with a long list of prior actions

The start of the fourth post-bailout assessment of Greece by its creditors, which starts on Monday, represents a new era in relation between the two sides, as they have to construct a new framework of cooperation after the change in government, based on trust and the adoption of common targets.

Greek PM to seek international help with migration problem

Amid a continuing increase in the influx of undocumented migrants to Greece from Turkey, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis chaired an emergency meeting on the matter over the weekend and is expected to broach the subject with both German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly summit in New York this week.

Athens, 185 years later

Is Athens a successful city? Given everything such a simplistic definition entails, I would say that, yes, it is. I also believe that most Athenians would vote it as their top favorite if they were asked to, despite all its ills.

Green growth

Protests demanding government action on climate change which took place in some 150 capitals around the world including Athens on Friday were a welcome development.

Tractors to roll out in Larissa as farmers protest

Farmers in Larissa, central Greece, are planning to roll out their tractors at the Platykambos junction of the Athens-Thessaloniki national road on Monday in protest at cotton prices, which they complain are too low for them to cover production costs.
The farmers are demanding a meeting with Agriculture and Food Minister Makis Voridis to discuss their grievances.

State assets earning meager profits

Despite the high expectations that have been cultivated, Greece has so far failed to exploit the full potential of its state-owned real estate.

This has been made painfully obvious by the meager earnings and profits shown for yet another year by the Public Properties Company (ETAD), which has taken over most of the state's real estate.