Greece is a country in the southern Balkans


Rafina Port Authority: Plans for ship electrification

The Port of Rafina, the second largest in the country in terms of passenger traffic, after Piraeus, is also, together with Piraeus, the port that secured financing from European funds to create electrification infrastructure for passenger ships.

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New strike by Quint: "The West has decided to finish the so-called Kosovo project"

The countries of the Quint - USA, Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy - activated all official and unofficial diplomatic resources in order to increase the pressure on the five members of the European Union that did not recognize Kosovo and Metohija to change that position.

Retired ambassador Nazmi Akıman passes away

Retired Turkish ambassador Nazmi Vildan Akiman passed away on July 1. Born in 1929 in Ankara, Akıman graduated from Şişli Terakki High School, Istanbul University Faculty of Law and Columbia University Faculty of Political Sciences.

He represented Türkiye as a diplomat in the Foreign Ministry between 1957 - 1991. He served as Türkiye's ambassador to Cuba, Greece and Spain.

3.8 million Bulgarians are expected to Travel Abroad in the Period May-September

3,800,000 Bulgarians are expected to travel abroad in the period from May to September. At the same time, around 14 million trips by Bulgarians within the country are expected for the period, predicts Rumen Draganov, director of the Institute for Assessments and Analyzes in Tourism.

Eurostat reveals shocking inflation figures

Eurostat's inflation divs for both the Eurozone and Greece have set new records causing a veritable shock around the continent.

In particular, inflation in the eurozone was 8.6% in June from 8.1% in May, according to the preliminary data published today by the official statistical authority of the European Union.

The picture in Greece

Digital work card: As of today for bank and supermarket workers

Digital job cards in banks and supermarkets with more than 250 employees are ushered in today. At this initial stage the Labor Ministry measure concerns 121,000 workers and 53 businesses. It will then be extended to insurance companies, industry and gradually to the entire spectrum of the economy.