Libya recognised government army declares ceasefire

The army of Libya's internationally recognized government announced on Jan. 18 that it would cease fire, two days after an Islamist-backed militia alliance announced a truce.
"We declare a ceasefire from midnight (2200 GMT) Sunday," said the army said, stressing however that it would continue to pursue "terrorists", as UN-brokered peace talks resume in Geneva next week.

Turkey warns its citizens to evacuate Libya 'immediately'

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has warned Turkish citizens in Libya to evacuate the country ?immediately? through a statement released late on Jan. 7.      

?Because of the conflict and the airstrikes in Libya recently, we are suggesting that our citizens leave the country immediately,? the statement said.

US condemns deadly Libyan strike on Greek-owned tanker

The United States Tuesday condemned a strike by Libyan aircraft that bombed an oil tanker off the Islamist-held port of Derna, killing two crew members.

The crewmen -- a Greek and a Romanian -- were killed on the Liberian-registered vessel, the Araevo.

Two other crewmen, both Filipinos, were wounded in the attack.