Serbian Army youngest officers promoted; Vučić: "We have many challenges ahead" VIDEO

The ceremony is attended by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui.
A total of 139 cadets of the Military Academy and the Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy were promoted to the first officer ranks.

Vui: "We have many challenges ahead of us"

Putin in mourning - pictures toured the world VIDEO / PHOTO

Photographs of a crushed Putin over his associate's deathbed have traveled the world.


For Putin, Zinichev was more than an associate, although he was officially the Minister of Emergency Situations.
He was also Putin's personal bodyguard for a while.

Details of the accident have been published - how the Russian minister died

Melnik, who also died in the accident, arrived in Norilsk to choose a location for the shooting of a documentary about the Arctic and the Northern Sea Route, the ministry added.
"Alexander Melnik was at the place where the interdepartmental exercises of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were held," the ministry explained.

Who is Putin's man who was killed - a soldier, known for a 49-second media conference

As confirmed by that ministry, he died during the exercise, when he was saving the life of one person.
Zinichev, who is considered Putin's man, was born in 1966, in St. Petersburg.
He was a member of the army for many years, and he served in the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy.

4.103 infected, 19 people died

19 people died.
There are currently 110 patients on respirators, while 1.571 people have been hospitalized.
The total number of registered cases since the outbreak of the pandemic was 783.826, and 7.398 people lost their lives due to complications caused by coronavirus infection.

"The law must work for everyone"

Confirmed: Pilots refused to transport Porfirije and Joanikije - had a justification

According to Montenegrin media, they refused to transport Metropolitan Joanikije and Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church Porfirije.
This was confirmed for RTCG by the director of the Directorate for Emergency Situations in the Ministry of the Interior of Montenegro, Miodrag Beovi.
Beovi stated that all legal actions were taken against them in accordance with the law.