Central Bank of Turkey

Turkish Central Bank says further monetary tightening may be delivered 'if needed'

The Central Bank of Turkey may carry out additional monetary tightening "if necessary" as it closely monitors the impact of the latest developments on inflation, pricing behavior and other factors affecting inflation, the bank's Governor Murat Çetinkaya has said.

Yogi Berra on the Turkish economy

I learned the basics of America?s favorite pastime only when the Red Sox were on their way to break the Bambino?s curse in 2004. Therefore, I won?t hold it against you if you have never heard of Yogi Berra.

However, the baseball great, who passed away on Sept. 22, was famous for his ?wise? sayings, some of which apply to the Turkish economy really well.

Which one is worse?

Is it the delay in the imminent policy decision by the Fed, America?s Central Bank? Or is it that in early 2016, Erdem Ba?ç?, the governor of the Central Bank of Turkey, will have ended his term? Which one is worse for the Turkish economy? Let?s weigh the potential impact of each.

Risk of a housing price bubble in Turkey: A commentary

Turkey's housing market has become a subject of debate among property market circles, with prices soaring dramatically in recent months. Those who like computer games may be familiar with "Bubble Trouble" - a fun game for children. The mission is to pop all the bubbles in order to advance to the next level.