Digital Governance Ministry

False alarm over suitcase investigated by police bomb squad at Greek ministry

A false alarm was raised on Wednesday by the police due to the discovery of a suitcase deemed suspicious outside the Digital Governance Ministry in Kallithea in south Athens.

A bomb disposal team arrived at the scene, and after the relevant inspection, it was determined that the suitcase did not contain anything alarming to the authorities.

Needless paperwork to be abolished

As part of the government's stated commitment to crack down on needless and time-consuming bureaucracy, the Digital Governance Ministry plans to gradually abolish the endless number of certificates required in the transactions between citizens and both the private and public sectors with the introduction of the relevant legislation in the coming months. 

Notaries on strike until December 11

In their latest clash with the Digital Governance Ministry, notaries have decided to strike until December 11, saying that the digital platform for property transfers that will be created will not also be under the responsibility of the Justice Ministry. What's more they said that the digital procedure described has not been provided for in legislation.

Addressing encroachments

The first decisions with the terms and conditions for the return of 100,000 parcels of public property to those who have encroached upon it are expected in September.

Immediately after that - and in any case before the end of the year - the Digital Governance Ministry will put into operation a special information system titled "Requests for the Acquisition of Public Properties."

Taxisnet key now provided online via video conference

Taxpayers will now be able to talk to an Independent Authority for Public Revenue officer via teleconference and get a username and password to use the tax authorities' Taxisnet website, including for the submission of tax declarations. More services will soon become available via video conference, the Digital Governance Ministry and IAPR announced on Thursday.