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Assault on the highway; There are dead and injured; special forces present VIDEO

The unidentified assailants, who are believed to be Palestinians, got out of a vehicle on the highway this morning and started shooting with automatic weapons at cars that were stuck in the morning rush hour, reports Blic.
Israeli media reports that one person succumbed to injuries on the spot, while two others are in critical condition.

Navalny is dead, the world is speechless; "Within 24 hours"

Alexei Navalny's family should be notified of his death within 24 hours, one of his aides said.
He said that the family has not yet received official confirmation.
A video from the courtroom was published, which was allegedly created on Thursday, when Alexei Navalny from the prison colony joined the hearing via video link.

Thousands of dead...; "What do you want?! To defend themselves with water pistols?"

The Russian army advanced seven kilometers closer to Chasiv Yar near Bakhmut, as well as east of Avdeyevka and northwest of Maryinka, Moscow claims.
Four people were killed in a Russian strike on Kherson, as Russia carried out several attacks in eastern Ukraine over the previous day, Ukrainian local authorities said.

That's it? America is torn apart

Daniel Miller, president of the Texas Nationalist Movement, which is campaigning for that American state to become fully independent, said that "TEXIT" is now on everyone's mind. He also claims that the secession of Texas from the USA "could be closer than you think".
His words come in the wake of the US state's conflict with federal authorities over the Texas-Mexico border.

Serbia has voted - the winner is clear; It is also known how Belgrade voted

REC, election monitoring organizations, as well as political parties announced preliminary results.
SNS President Milo Vuevi said that according to data from 7,190 polling stations processed, the list "Aleksandar Vui - Serbia must not stop" won 1,477,651 votes in today's elections.

Ukraine is fiercely attacked; Soldiers deserting battlefield?

The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, announced that the Russian Air Defense Forces had destroyed a drone launched by Ukrainian forces towards the Russian capital.
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the foreign ministers of the Alliance members reiterated their determination to support Ukraine on its way to the Alliance, as well as its defense in the war with Russia.