European Union

Hojs attends two-day conference on migrations in Lithuania

Ljubljana – Interior Minister Aleš Hojs attended a two-day conference on migrations in Vilnius on Thursday and Friday, which discussed the issues of using migrations for political gains and common measures to strengthen surveillance at the EU’s external borders in light of increased migrations.

Bulgarian Finance Minister Envisages BGN 710 Min. Salary and BGN 3,400 Max. Insurance Income

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev defined the draft financial framework as a "budget for economic growth". It envisages economic growth of 4.8%. It will enter into force on April 1, when the minimum wage will increase from 650 to 710 BGN.

Democracy Digest: Poland Focuses on Pegasus and Putin

Tusk's announcement is important because it means the liberal opposition has received support from maverick politician Pawel Kukiz, whose four MPs are currently key to PiS maintaining its parliamentary majority. To support the opposition request, Kukiz has asked for the commission to have a broader remit, investigating surveillance under several governments, including Civic Platform ones.

American Tankers came and the Price of Gas in Europe fell Sharply

Natural gas in Europe has fallen to 70 euros per megawatt-hour, approaching levels not seen in the last two months. This is happening against the background of increasing flows of liquefied natural gas, higher wind energy production, and increasing use of gas from storage facilities in Germany.

Costas Karamanlis – “Green Taxi” program opens

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Costas Karamanlis, spoke about e-mobility as a key pillar of transport development in Greece, at the 5th E-mobility Conference.

The first axis of the planning of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport is the renewal of the aging fleet of cars in Greece. At all levels: private cars, taxis, public transport.