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President Rumen Radev Speaks with the Vice President of the National Committee of the People's Political Consultative Council, Zhang Qingli

"We are impressed by China's achievements in economic development, overcoming poverty, enhancing the welfare of large sections of the population, improving environmental and pollution control measures, and enhancing the role of innovation."

Editorial: WWII claims without delusions

As just as Greek claims may be regarding German reparations and the repayment of the "occupation loan" which the Nazi took out from the Bank of Greece and even started to service, one is obliged to address the issue carefully and with an understanding of the legal and political complexities.

It is not an issue to be exploited for electoral gain or for cultivating false hopes.

Crown Custodian Margareta: We are for national reconciliation, this is what my father fought for

The Royal Family wishes a "national reconciliation", this being the objective King Mihai fought for, the Romanian Crown Custodian Margareta told AGERPRES in an interview. Prince Radu, in the same interview asserts that when the country is more divided, the Crown comes forth as "the single one that maintains a certain balance".

Greek police launch tender for secure ID cards, passports

The Greek Police (ELAS) on Thursday launched a tender to create a new electronic system that will issue new, more secure identity cards in Greece that will meet the standards and technical specifications of the European Union.
Apart from the new IDs, the Integrated Information System for Security Documents will also provide new secure driving licenses and upgrade existing passports.

Bulgaria is the Fourth in Europe in Respect to Price Growth

Inflation in Bulgaria is again gaining momentum in March, and our country ranks fourth in the European Union to raise prices, according to data from the European Statistical Office.

In the third month of the year, prices rose by 2.8 percent over the same period last year. As of February 2019, the consumer basket is 0.2 percent more expensive.