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UN: At Least Five Europe-bound Migrants Drowned Near to Libyan Coast

At least five people, including a woman and a child, drowned when a boat carrying at least 45 Europe-bound migrants capsized off Libya, a U.N. migration official said on Monday. The wreck was the latest disaster in the Mediterranean Sea involving migrants seeking a better life in Europe.

Migrants, Refugees Spurn Return to Torched Camp in Bosnia

After locals in the town of Bihac in northwest Bosnia protested against plans to relocate migrants and refugees from the torched Lipa camp to the Bira centre, inside the town, Bosnia ordered its armed forces to set up new tents in the Lipa camp where the migrants can stay until the winter adaptation of the camp is completed.

Bosnia to Return Migrants to Bihac Despite Opposition

About 1,000 migrants and refugees who have lingered at the site of the burned camp will now over-winter in what was formerly the largest migrant centre in Bosnia.

The decision concludes a several-day search for solutions to the emergency situation that arose after migrants torched the Lipa camp as it was about to close.

Bosnia’s Troubled Lipa Camp Set Alight on Closure Day

The troubled Lipa migrant and refugee camp near Bihac in northwest Bosnia was set on fire on Wednesday as it was due to close.

The camp has been at the centre of a battle between the local authorities and the International Organization for Migration, IOM, which has long threatened to close the camp if the authorities do not improve winter conditions.

Bosnia Succumbs to Pressure to Adapt Tent Camp for Winter

After ignoring warnings for months that the Lipa migrant tent camp in northwest Bosnia is not adequate for hosting people over winter, the government of Bosnia, the Council of Ministers, on Monday agreed to convert it into an official "container camp for the accommodation for 1,500 migrants".

December 18: World Marks Migrants Day Themed Reimagining Human Mobility

International Migrants Day is a global event observed on December 18. The day recognizes the importance of protecting the rights and dignity of migrants around the world. Throughout history, humans have migrated from place to place in search of a better life and a promise of the future. The migrants arrive at new places and enrich the existing communities.