Serbia to Consult Bosses and Unions on Labour Law

The Serbian Labour Ministry has called for the Social-Economic Council, which is made up of representatives of employers, unions and government, to meet next week in order to discuss the draft labour law, a ministry source told BIRN. 

This will come instead of a public discussion on the long-awaited legislation before it can be sent for adoption by parliament in July.

Commemoration for JNA soldiers killed in Dobrovoljacka

EASTERN SARAJEVO - Serbs from Republika Srpska (RS) commemorated on Saturday the death of 42 soldiers of the former Yugoslav Army (JNA) who were killed in the Dobrovoljacka street in Sarajevo 22 years ago, and at the same time, former members of the so called Green Berets gathered at the same location, but they dispersed without incident.

Roma Summit Gives Romanian Minister Rough Ride

Romania's Labour Minister, Rovana Plumb, encountered both jeers and cheers in Brussels last week when she told a Roma summit that the "integration of Roma people is a longstanding and steady commitment of Romanian government.

"We have achieved some results in combating poverty and offering jobs to people,” she maintained.

Labour inspector suspected of bribery placed in custody

BELGRADE - The Special Court of Belgrade placed on Friday head of the Labour Ministry Labour Inspection Dragoljub Peruaca in 30-day custody on suspicion of taking a EUR 15,000 bribe.

Peruaca was placed in custody at prosecution's request out of fear that he might influence witnesses during the investigation or repeat the crime, court spokesperson Dusica Ristic told Tanjug.