Ministry of National Economy and Finance

Fiscal confidence displayed through stability program and midterm plan

The Ministry of National Economy and Finance intends to display its confidence in fiscal stability and responsible fiscal policy, both with the initial scenario for the Stability Program that will be sent to Brussels by the end of April, and with the Midterm Fiscal Plan until September 20.

Launch of special digital information platform marks new era in borrower services

As of Monday the obligation of credit managers to put into operation the special digital information platform for borrowers to provide personalized information is in operation.

The Ministry of National Economy and Finance established this obligation in order to improve the provision of services to borrowers and to effectively deal with communication difficulties.

Mobile app for invoice issue

Taxpayers and businesses will be able to issue invoices and consignment notes through their cellphones, while at the same time they will be able to make tax payments.

Essentially, the company's accounting will be in an app designed by the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE), which will be activated within the year.

Tax refunds go unclaimed

Tens of millions of euros related to value-added tax refunds remain unclaimed from the tax authorities. According to information, the traces of the beneficiaries have been lost by the tax office and none of them has come forward to inquire about them.

ENFIA payable in 11 tranches this year

The installments for the payment of the Single Property Tax (ENFIA) are increasing with an amendment submitted by the Ministry of National Economy and Finance to Parliament. At the same time, the deadlines for submitting the E9 form of realty declarations for those who want to make corrections are changing, while properties affected by natural disasters are exempted from ENFIA.

Adjusting presumed incomes

For the first time since 2018, the revenue that the public coffers stand to collect this year from the presumption of taxpayers' incomes, based on their various assets (known in Greek as "tekmiria"), will fall below 5 billion euros, when in 2018 it was €6.8 billion.