Romanian Border Police

Europol: 28 Arrested for Smuggling Migrants via Bulgaria and Romania

Europol has supported the Romanian Border Police (Poliția Română de Frontera) in dismantling an organized crime group involved in migrant smuggling. The Bulgarian General Directorate Combating Organised Crime (Главна Дирекция Организирана Престъпност) and the German Federal Police in Waidhaus (Bundespolizeiinspektion Waidhaus) were also involved in the operation.

Ornithologists warn of severe biodiversity impact of plans to amend Hunting and Game protection Law

The legislative proposal amending and supplementing the Hunting and Game protection Law, currently under public consultation, threatens the existence of dozens of bird species in Romania, warn representatives of the Romanian Ornithological Society (SOR).

Lines of trucks and long waiting hours at main Western border crossing points

Large lines of trucks formed, on Tuesday morning, at the main crossing points on the border with Hungary, on the way out of Romania, due to the restrictions applied to heavy traffic until Monday evening, so that drivers are forced to wait between 80 and 420 minutes to reach border control.

Border Police activity report: 60 pct plunge in cross-border traveler numbers in 2020

Romania's border traffic plunged almost 60 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year, as approximately 28.5 million people moved in or out of the country. "Traffic values at the border checkpoints stood at about 28.5 million people (23.8 million EU citizens and 4.7 million non-EU citizens), both on the inbound and on the outbound.

TIR trucks waiting for 70 minutes to clear Giurgiu-Ruse border crossing point

TIR trucks trying to clear the Giurgiu-Ruse border crossing point out of Romania into Bulgaria were waiting in a line of about eight kilometres on the first lane of the DN 5 Bucharest-Giurgiu national road on Wednesday after-noon and they could be seen as far as Daia, with the waiting time for those who reached customs control being 70 minutes.

Additional measures to ease border traffic flow during winter holidays

The Romanian authorities have taken additional measures to ease the traffic flow through the border crossing points during the winter holidays, when it is estimated that there will be a significant increase in the number of people in transit, in particular on the border with the Schengen area.

Romanian Authorities Detained a Bulgarian Man who Tried to Import 1,000 Packs of Cigarettes to Romania

A 39-year-old Bulgarian citizen has been charged with trafficking in excise goods after he was detained by the Romanian Border Police at Giurgiu-Ruse border checkpoint in an attempt to import 1,000 packs of cigarettes with Bulgarian excise label to Romania, BTA reported.