Security Council

Sudan protesters defiant as international community condemns coup

Protesters were defiant on the streets of Sudan on Oct. 26 demonstrating against a military coup, as international condemnation of the country's security forces ramped up with the U.N. Security Council expected to meet later.

"Returning to the past is not an option," chanted the crowds, who remained outside despite soldiers opening fire and reportedly killing at least four people.


Russia considers the statement of the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama on the unification of Albania with Kosovo unacceptable and expects an appropriate reaction from the West on that occasion.
This was stated by the spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova.

Bulgaria will Revise Its Overall Policy on North Macedonia - Security Council

The participants in the Security Council of the Council of Ministers on September 9 discussed the need to "analyze and update the overall policy of Bulgaria towards the Republic of North Macedonia - our political behaviour and search for future solutions in the interest of the peoples of both countries.

Vucic and Schmidt: "Irresponsible, dangerous"

Vui and Schmidt met at the "Mir" villa, and it is expected that the two officials will discuss the situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina and overcoming the crisis that arose after the BiH Parliament adopted the Law on Ban of Genocide Denial, after which the representatives of Republika Srpska decided not to participate in the work of joint institutions.

Djukanovic introduces a state of emergency?

The announcement by Montenegrin President and DPS opposition leader Milo Djukanovic that if Metropolitan Joanikije's enthronement is not removed from Cetinje, he will join the protest against the act is an additional problem for the police on how to secure a rally attended by the country's first man, a protected statesman, Pobjeda reports.

Representative of Russia: Just to make things clear

The fact that the UN Security Council did not adopt the Russian-Chinese resolution on the appointment of the High Representative for Bosnia-Herzegovina for one year means that the representative of Germany, Christian Schmidt, was not appointed to that position, which remains vacant, said First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Natio