Transport Committee

There is a New Chief of the Bulgaria's Agriculture Commission

The Parliament elected Maria Belova as chairman of the Agricultural Commission in place of Desislava Taneva, who took over the post of Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.

Georgi Stankov became a member of the Committee on the Policies for Bulgarians Abroad. His place in the Defense Committee took Gemma Grozdanova.

The EP will not Vote on the Mobility Package on Wednesday

"The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, has withdrawn the Mobile Package pact tonight and returned it to the Transport Committee. Voting on the Mobility Package will not be happening today. This Parliament should not look at this heavily and divided Europe dossier. " This was stated by Jordan Arabadjiev of the Union of International Carriers to NOVA.

MEP Eva Maydell: From 2021 we will Stop Moving the Clock

"The majority of Bulgarian and European citizens have clearly said that the change of time by one hour ahead and back has a negative impact on them, so MEPs have united behind the citizens and asked that this clock rotation should stop 2021. "This was stated by Eva Maydell on the occasion of the vote on the European Parliament's position on the subject.

Bus Passengers in Bulgaria who are not Wearing Seat belts Face BGN 50 Fine

Sofia. Bus passengers not wearing seat belts will be fined BGN 50, said MP from GERB and Deputy Chairperson of the Transport Committee Stanislav Ivanov, commenting on the amendments to the Roads Act that will introduce a requirement for buses to be equipped with video recorders and seat belts, Focus News Agency reports.

INTERVIEW/Sova:We will difficultly get through summer;CFRCalatori will not have enough cars to satisfy traffic

CFR Calatori national railway passenger corporation will not have enough cars this summer to meet the traveling need, especially to the seaside, given that from 1,200 cars in inventory, 400 were halted due to technical reasons, Transport Minister Lucian Sova told an interview for AGERPRES.

Drives in the Emergency Lane will be Fined with BGN 1000 and Three Months Without a License

A penalty of BGN 1,000 and 3 months of without license will be imposed for riding in the highway emergency strip. This is a significant change to the Road Traffic Act, approved at first reading by the Transport Committee in Parliament.

Changes are expected to be put to vote in plenary in September.