Aleksandar Vui

Vučić from Davos: "Difficult debate on the future of the Western Balkans" PHOTO

Serbian President had bilateral meetings with numerous European and world officials, discussing the future of the Western Balkans.
"A difficult debate on the future of the Western Balkans with European and regional leaders at the World Economic Forum," the president announced on his Instagram profile, along with photos from Davos.

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German "stick-and-carrot": What did Scholz say to Kurti but not so directly to Vučić?

The first great Balkan assignment of the new German Chancellor was successfully performed: both Vui and Kurti came to Berlin.
These are politicians, as Deutsche Welle writes, in whose hands is the solution of the currently biggest political problem in the Balkans - the relations between Serbia and Kosovo.

Vučić from Slovenia: "They are always there to help"; Dinner with Pahor PHOTO / VIDEO

President Vucic addressed the public from Slovenia, thanking first his hosts for their hospitality, and then emphasizing that Pahor was right when he stated that responsibility is on everyone in the Western Balkans when it comes to peace and stability.

Foto: B92