Iohannis: NATO is the strongest military alliance ever

Tallinn, June 16 /Agerpres/ - President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday that NATO is the strongest military alliance and reiterated that Romania's security is better guaranteed by the decisions taken at the recent Alliance Summit. "Through the decisions taken at the NATO Summit on June 14, Romania and Romanians are better protected, Romania's security is better guaranteed.

"No solution in Geneva"

Milan Krsti from the Faculty of Political Sciences made this statement, adding that one should not expect that in today's talks between the two leaders in Geneva, the burning issues in the relations between the two countries will be resolved.

President Biden Plans Tough Sanctions against Belarus, “North Korea of Europe”

A top American diplomat told Congress on Wednesday that the Biden administration plans to impose additional sanctions on the authoritarian regime in Belarus — a significant step as lawmakers agitate for tougher punishments against a top ally of Vladimir Putin.

Biden signed: Wider range of measures in the Western Balkans - sanctions for everyone

The initial decree was passed in 2001, as well as the criteria for imposing US sanctions, in order to solve challenges, such as corruption and other moves that obstruct key institutions and international agreements, as announced by the White House last night.