Boyko Borisov

Dimitar Glavchev's Proposed Cabinet Structure Sparks Political Reactions

In a tense political climate, the proposed cabinet formation by acting Prime Minister candidate Dimitar Glavchev has ignited controversy and accusations from various political quarters. The unveiling of the draft structure and composition of the Council of Ministers took place amidst consultations attended by the head of state, Rumen Radev, and representatives from parliamentary factions.

Boyko Borisov: Monday Deadline for Mandate Fulfillment or Election Announcement

GERB leader Boyko Borisov declared to journalists in Plovdiv that by Monday, either the mandate will be fulfilled or it will be clear that elections are imminent, as reported by BTA. Borisov indicated that if Maria Gabriel succeeds in assembling a cabinet she can effectively lead, their party will offer her 69 votes.

Todor Tagarev: Bulgaria Sends 7,000+ Tons Of Military Aid To Ukraine

Bulgaria has emerged as a key contributor to Ukraine's defense efforts, providing substantial military aid amidst escalating tensions in the region. Outgoing Minister of Defense Todor Tagarev recently disclosed that over 7,000 tons of material resources, including millions of ammunition and over 140 machines, have been extended to Ukraine in support of its security needs.

Kotsev takes the lead over Portnih in Varna, and PP-DB also secures Blagoevgrad, where Baykushev is Leading

It is highly likely that Varna will have a new mayor, and that person is likely to be Blagomir Kotsеv (pictured). Data from polling agencies currently give Kotsеv, supported by PP-DB, a slight lead over Ivan Portnih. However, the outcome remains uncertain as Blagomir Kotsеv is ahead by only around 4%. This marks a turnaround from the first round when Portnih from GERB had about a 5% lead.

Boyko Borisov Votes with a Paper Ballot: Is there a Functioning Machine, or Have They Run Out?

Boyko Borisov chose to cast his vote with a paper ballot in Bankya today.

"Is there a functioning machine, or are there none left?" Borisov jokingly asked the members of the Electoral Commission upon entering. He then emphasized that, given the recent events in Sofia and Varna, he preferred to vote with a paper ballot.

Elections in Bulgaria: The Parent Party of GERB calls for Pro-European Forces to put the State above Themselves

"The pro-European forces in Bulgaria must put the state above the party and work together to form a stable majority."

This was written by Manfred Weber - chairman of the group of the European People's Party (EPP), the parent party of GERB. Weber was a guest at the closing of the pre-election campaign of Boyko Borisov's formation.