Cristina Zaharia

Code Orange heat warning in five western, southwestern counties, Code Yellow in almost all country

The National Weather Administration (ANM)has issued a Code Orange warning of heat and high thermal discomfort in force on Monday in the counties of Arad, Timis, Caras-Severin, Mehedinti and Dolj, where highs are expected to get to 41 degrees Celsius. Also, all throughout today, a Code Yellow of similar phenomena will be in force in almost all of Romania.

Excellent results for Romania's junior rowers at World Championships

Romania got excellent results at the World Rowing Junior Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, two gold and one bronze medal, says Chair of the Romanian Rowing Federation Elisabeta Lipa. "For juniors, this is the first major competition this year, still dominated by pandemics and numerous restrictions. The results are excellent; we have a generation with very good potential for the future.

Mihai Covaliu (COSR): Romania has massively exported know-how, it is clear that we need to import it too

Chairman of the Romanian Olympic Committee (COSR) Mihai Covaliusaid on Friday that lately Romania has massively exported know-how, meaning the Romanian sports coaches who went abroad, and that he feels Romanian sports need to bring in coaches from abroad, following the model of the rowing federation.

New instruction issued for COVID-19 vaccination in special instances

Romania's National COVID-19 Vaccination Coordination Committee (CNCAV) has issued a new instruction on immunisation in special instances according to which if a person develops a COVID-19 infection after the first dose, he or she will be able to continue the vaccination schedule with the second dose after healing without resuming the first.

Romania to adopt Single-Use Plastics Directive

Minister of the Environment, Waters and Forestry Tanczos Barna wrote on Friday on his Facebook page that his ministry has been working for several months on implementing in Romania the European Union Directive on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment, also known as the Single-Use Plastic (SUP) Directive and that this process will end next week with the gover

Photography exhibition "Curtrea de Arges - retrospective," with pictures from the AGERPRES archive

The photography exhibition "Curtea de Arges - a retrospective," with pictures from the AGERPRES archive will be varnished on Thursday at the Basarabilor Hall at the Curtea de Arges Municipal Museum. The exhibition includes 30 photographs showing Curtea de Arges, with the oldest ones showing the church built at the order of Neagoe Basarab dating back in 1938.

For first time in Romania, three French artists to build cardboard structure of Saxon Cathedral in Sibiu

For the first time in Romania, three French artists, Olivier Grossetete, Christophe Goddet and Guillaume Cros, will build a 20-meter-high cardboard structure in the Small Square in Sibiu, which will present on a smaller scale the most important church of the Saxons in the country, the city's evangelical cathedral - a unique event scheduled to take place during the Sibiu International Theater Fe

MAE: Consultations in Bucharest with leaders of Romanian minority in Ukraine on mother-tongue education

 A representative delegation of the leaders of the Romanian minority in Ukraine had a round of consultations, on Thursday, in Bucharest, with the Secretary of State for Strategic Affairs, Dan Neculaescu, at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE).

Hellenic Union of Romania conducting 'Helping the Greek People' humanitarian campaign

The Hellenic Union of Romania (UER) is running a 30-day humanitarian campaign called "Helping the Greek People" in the wake of devastating wildfires roaring in Greece. "Greece is once again shaken by the scale of devastating fires that saddens the souls of Greeks and pro-Greeks everywhere.

Cseke Attila: 'Anghel Saligny' programme to focus on water, sewage, natural gas connections, road infrastructure

Minister of Development, Public Works and Administration Cseke Attila declared on Wednesday that the national investment programme "Anghel Saligny" will focus only on the connection to the water and sewage system, to natural gas and to the improvement road infrastructure.