Isabela Paulescu

Sibiu International Theatre Festival to host debate on reconstruction after the COVID-19 pandemic

Specialists from abroad attending the Sibiu International Theatre Festival (FITS) will discuss on Saturday, August 29, how to reconstruct after the COVID-19 pandemic, as part of the Therme Forum: Theatre and Architecture. "Session VII - How to better rebuild after COVID-19. August 29: 13:00hrs - 60 minutes. Speakers: Anthony Sargent - International Cultural Advisor; Tateo Nakajima - Arup.

For first time in Romania, three French artists to build cardboard structure of Saxon Cathedral in Sibiu

For the first time in Romania, three French artists, Olivier Grossetete, Christophe Goddet and Guillaume Cros, will build a 20-meter-high cardboard structure in the Small Square in Sibiu, which will present on a smaller scale the most important church of the Saxons in the country, the city's evangelical cathedral - a unique event scheduled to take place during the Sibiu International Theater Fe

First Covid-infected traveler detected by Sibiu airport K9 sniffer dog

In a first for Romania, a Covid-infected man was correctly sniffed out Friday night by a specially trained police dog upon his arrival at the Sibiu International Airport, where he landed from Madrid; the passenger had received the complete vaccination scheme, Colonel Daniel Chelcea, director general of the Public Health Directorate (DSP), told AGERPRES.

Prime Minister Citu contradicts Deputy PM Barna: Coalition running very well

Prime Minister Florin Citu stated, on Friday, in Sibiu, that he does not agree with the statement of Deputy Prime Minister Dan Barna and claims that the current governing coalition "is running very well." "I do not agree [with Dan Barna's statement - e.n.]. The coalition is running very well.

World premiere performance at FITS Sibiu: "SHAKESPEARE - BACH/La Main du Temps"

The performance "SHAKESPEARE - BACH/La Main du Temps", with Charlotte Rampling and Sonia Wieder-Atherton, one of the most awaited performances of the 18th edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival (FITS), will take place for the first time in Romania, on August 26, and the tickets went on sale on Thursday, informs a press release sent to AGERPRES.

Hoghilag Tuberose, first Romanian flower with Protected Geographical Indication

The tuberose from the village of Hoghilag (central Sibiu County) will be the first flower in Romania and the third flower in the European Union which will receive from the European Commission the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) certification, and flower enthusiasts can enjoy it at the end of the week, when in Hoghilag will be a Tuberose Celebration, the mayor Nicu Lazar announced in a p

Labor Minister: Time bomb ticking in Romanian pension system - deficit at 16.7 bln lei

Minister of Labor and Social Protection Raluca Turcan says that there is a "time bomb" ticking in the Romanian pension system, which is currently running a deficit of 16.7 billion lei, and that there is the risk that the purchasing power of the average pension will very much erode in the future. "There is a serious amount of disinformation circulating in the public space (...).

Selection of teenage artists for European "Liberty" project, carried out at "Radu Stanca" theatre in Sibiu

Young people passionate about visual arts, theatre, music and dance, aged between 14 and 19, are invited by the "Radu Stanca" National Theatre in Sibiu (TNRS) to participate in the "Liberty" project, which will take place between April 8 and May 3, informs a press release sent to AGERPRES.