Kalin Stoyanov

National Inter-agency Taskforce Established for Coordination of Upcoming Elections in Bulgaria

In preparation for the highly anticipated 2-in-1 elections to the European and Bulgarian parliaments scheduled for June 9, a significant step was taken on Wednesday with the establishment of a National Inter-agency Taskforce (NIT).

Bulgarian Journalist Dimitar Stoyanov Detained on Charges of Hooliganism and Weapon Threat

Bulgarian journalist Dimitar Stoyanov finds himself embroiled in controversy after being detained by authorities for 24 hours on charges of hooliganism and threatening behavior with a weapon. The Interior Ministry confirmed the arrest, citing a citizen's alert to the police as the catalyst for Stoyanov's apprehension.

EU Commissioner Johansson Evaluates Schengen Controls at Sofia Airport

EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson conducted an inspection of border control measures at Sofia Airport, marking a significant step in Bulgaria's accession to the Schengen Area by air. Accompanied by Bulgaria's caretaker Interior Minister Kalin Stoyanov, Commissioner Johansson observed the revamped procedures implemented after Bulgaria's Schengen accession.

German Interior Minister Affirms Strong Support for Bulgaria's Schengen Membership

In a significant affirmation of bilateral relations, German Federal Minister of the Interior and Community, Nancy Faeser, reiterated Germany's unwavering support for Bulgaria's full membership in the Schengen area during her visit to the country on Monday.

10th Caretaker Government in Bulgaria's History: Glavchev Cabinet Sworn In

Bulgaria inaugurated the "Glavchev" cabinet in an extraordinary session of the National Assembly, marking the 10th caretaker government in the country's history, 6th in the last 4 years. However, this administration carries particular significance as it is the first to take its oath before the parliament rather than the president, following recent constitutional amendments.

Outgoing Bulgarian PM Raises Concerns Over Alleged Prosecutor Misconduct

The outgoing Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Nikolai Denkov, has raised concerns over alleged misconduct by acting Prosecutor General Borislav Sarafov, prompting further investigation into the matter. Denkov's actions come in response to reports of psychological pressure exerted on Zhivko Kotsev, Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, leading to his potential resignation.

Deadline Looms for Caretaker PM Candidate as Election Preparations Intensify in Bulgaria

As Bulgaria gears up for a pivotal juncture in its political landscape, the spotlight falls on Dimitar Glavchev, the candidate for caretaker prime minister, as the deadline approaches for potential changes to his proposed caretaker government.

The Chief Secretary Zhivko Kotsev Withdraws His Resignation

Zhivko Kotsev, the Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, has announced the withdrawal of his resignation, which was provoked and submitted under enormous psychological and moral pressure. This announcement came during a joint briefing with the resigned Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov in the Council of Ministers.