Michalis Katsouris

Last suspects facing charges for August soccer violence released

The last of the 105 suspects charged after last August's violent incidents outside the AEK stadium in Nea Filadelfia, Athens, which resulted in the fatal injury of AEK supporter Michalis Katsouris, have been released from custody.

Investigating examining magistrates granted the petitions submitted by the remaining individuals being held on remand in connection with the case.

More Croatian hooligan suspects released on bail 

The release of a further 10 Croatian nationals accused of their involvement in soccer-related clashes in Athens in August on the eve of a European qualifier match between hosts AEK and Dinamo Zagreb was ordered by a Greek court on Monday. 

The number of accused Dinamo Zagreb fans that have been released, or will imminently be, now stands at 40. 

Fan violence in the spotlight again

Despite the strict sentences and the announcements, nothing has changed when it comes to the world of hooligans after the serious injury of a riot police officer who was struck in the leg by a naval flare on Thursday during a volleyball match between crosstown rivals Olympiakos and Panathinaikos. 

Release pending for 20 Croatian fans involved in fatal hooligan clashes

Twenty Croatian fans, previously detained in connection with the violent clashes outside the OPAP Arena in Nea Filadelfia that resulted in the death of AEK Athens fan Michalis Katsouris on the eve of a soccer match against Dinamo Zagreb in August, are set to be released from custody.