Nikos Skalkottas

Athens Philharmonia Orchestra | Athens | November 18

The Athens Philharmonia Orchestra will perform three fine works by representatives of the Second Viennese School accompanied by piano duo Beata Pincetic and Christos Sakellaridis at the Athens Concert Hall under the direction of Byron Fidetzis on Monday, November 18. The works to be performed on the night are Anton Webern's Passacaglia, Op.

European Music Day | Greece | June 21

European Music Day will be extra special this year as the popular institution celebrates its 20th anniversary. Here in Greece, 48 towns, cities and other locations will be hosting more than 400 artists from different parts of the world - from full orchestras to small ensembles, solo artists and DJs - at 270 venues, from June 21 to 23.

Nikos Skalkottas | Athens | February 13

Virtuoso violinist Giorgos Demertzis, acclaimed pianist Vassilis Varvaresos and the Athens Philharmonic, conducted by Byron Fidetzis, will perform two pieces by Nikos Skalkottas that had been thought lost up until about five years and which he first presented in Berlin in 1930: Suite for piano and small orchestra and his Concerto for violin, piano and orchestra.