Robert Downey Jr.

Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” Dominates Oscars 2024: Winners Revealed

In a dazzling display of cinematic prowess, Christopher Nolan's ambitious epic "Oppenheimer" emerged triumphant at the 96th Academy Awards on Sunday night, sweeping 7 prestigious accolades from 13 nominations, as reported by BBC. The film, a stirring portrayal of the enigmatic father of the atomic bomb, J.

'Oppenheimer' dominates at the 2024 Oscars

This film was considered a big favorite, it had 13 nominations, and it certainly had the most chances for this kind of success.
"Oppenheimer" won all the most important awards, starting with the one for the best picture, then for the best leading role (Cillian Murphy), for the best supporting role (Robert Downey Jr.) and for the best director (Christopher Nolan).