Varujan Pambuccian

PSD proposes postponement of consultations on local elections

Bucharest, March 8 /Agerpres/ - The Social Democratic Party (PSD) proposes the postponement of the consultations on local elections convened by Acting Prime minister Ludovic Orban, with the social-democrats arguing that "anyway there is no legal basis" and "one has to wait for the investiture vote for the Citu Government" as well as the urgent start of the discussions with the parties for the p

PM Orban to meet parliamentary party leaders to discuss early elections

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban meets on Tuesday at the Government House leaders of the parliamentary parties to discuss calling early elections. According to the Government's Press Office, Orban said Monday that the Liberals will take all necessary steps to reach early elections.

Consultations for new PM designation at Cotroceni presidential Palace (round-up)

After consultations on Thursday with President Iohannis at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, national leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL), freshly dismissed PM Ludovic Orban announced having presented to Iohannis the PNL decision to support the requirements for early elections being met.

Pambuccian: Group of national minorities, to support in its entirety Orban Government investiture

The leader of the parliamentary group of national minorities (others than the Hungarian minority) Varujan Pambuccian, announced on Monday that this group's representatives fully support the Orban Government's investiture and said he proposed to the prime minister-designate for the Secretary General of the Government to hold the rank of minister. "We had a second discussion with Mr.

Cotroceni: Consultations between President Iohannis and minorities' group deputies begin

Consultations between President Klaus Iohannis and representatives of the minorities' group deputies, part of the series of consultations between the head of state and the political formations in Parliament on the topic of the Defense budget, have begun on Monday at the Cotroceni Palace.

Photo credit: (c) Alex MICSIK / AGERPRES PHOTO