Ukraine accuses Russia of killing surrendering soldiers

Kiev accused Russia on Saturday of committing a war crime by executing Ukrainian soldiers who had signalled their intention to surrender.

A short video posted on Telegram shows two men coming out of a shelter, one with his hands above his head, before lying on the ground in front of another group of soldiers.

The battle for Serbia's soul on walls of Belgrade

A visible pulse to the feelings on the street, the murals are everywhere in Belgrade in upmarket neighborhoods, on the side of the motorways, and stenciled onto concrete apartment blocks.

A rough - and highly contested - history of modern Serbia is written out in murals and slogans on the walls of its capital Belgrade.

No Mercy: Ukrainian Special Forces Kill ‘Wagner’ Mercenaries in Sudan

The Kyiv Post published two videos showing Ukrainian special forces chasing PMC Wagner mercenaries in... Sudan, Central Africa.

According to a media source from the GUR - the service of subordination to the mythical General Kyrylo Budanov - an operation is currently underway in this African country to "cleanse PMC Wagner, their local terrorists and Russian special services".

He's still alive? Member of Wagner group visited his grave

Forty-four-year-old Sergey K., a former prisoner from Buryatia, one of Russia's ethnic minority republics bordering Mongolia, was recruited into the ranks of mercenaries and was wounded on the front lines in Ukraine in April, according to the MK.ru portal.
Wagner recruited tens of thousands of ex-prisoners, even when he was led by the late boss Yevgeny Prigozhin.