Researchers Reveal how Bone Health is Associated with Dementia

According to a study, those with low bone density may be more likely than those with high bone density to get dementia.The findings of the study published in the online issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. The study does not prove that low bone density causes dementia....

Experts sound alarm over lurking kidney disease

Around 10% of Greece's adult population suffers from some form of kidney disease, with 10% of that contingent having a serious problem that may have been averted at an earlier stage, the Hellenic Society of Nephrology (ENE) said on Thursday - World Kidney Day - urging greater awareness and more thorough preventive testing.

Turkish scientist proves transplanted brain cells can function

A Turkish scientist has proven that human brain cells transplanted into a mouse combine with the mouse brain, establish functional connections and respond to external stimuli.

Conducting their studies at the University of California in the U.S., Duygu Kuzum and her team managed to produce brain organoids with stem cells taken from human skin and transplant them into mice.

Ancient skeleton reveals oldest amputation

A skeleton discovered in a remote corner of Borneo rewrites the history of ancient medicine and proves amputation surgery was successfully carried out about 31,000 years ago, scientists said on Sept. 7.

Previously, the earliest known amputation involved a 7,000-year-old skeleton found in France, and experts believed such operations only emerged in settled agricultural societies.

Professor claims link between reduced rate of fertility, flights

The more female pilots and hostesses fly, the more the level of their fertility decreases, a Turkish professor has claimed, giving the study he conducted with 134 women as a reference.

Ercan Baştu said he conducted research with some 66 woman aviators and some 68 females from different professions and compared the test subjects' ovarian qualities and quantities.