Rise of house prices continues

The growth in the sale and rental rates of houses and apartments in Attica continued during this year's first quarter, even though, as market executives note, a significant demand "fatigue" has begun to set in, especially with regard to buying and selling residential property.

Istanbul apartment illegally subleased into 27-bed daily rental

In a unique scenario, a landlord has discovered that his apartment in Istanbul has been transformed into a 27-bed daily rental through illicit subleasing arrangements.

Rented to a foreigner with a Turkish residence permit through an allegedly unauthorized real estate agent, the three-room apartment in Avcılar district was subsequently subleased to another individual.

Exhobitant rent hikes force tenants to share rooms

Rental pressures are forcing people to switch from sharing apartments, a common practice among university students, to sharing rooms, just like in dormitories, with sometimes up to eight people struggling to accommodate in a single room.

In response to the soaring demand, in recent weeks, room-sharing listings have started to come to the fore on rental platforms online.