Bright green environmentalism

Energy storage to determine success of ‘green’ plan

The storage of energy produced from renewable sources is critical to the success of the "green" transition.

For this reason, the new state blueprint directs investment interest in new technologies and mainly in storage. Companies' interest in storage systems is strong and already exceeds the goals set by the blueprint.

Motor Oil acquires Elin Verd

Motor Oil Group announced the acquisition of all the shares of the "ELIN VERD" company. VERD was founded in 2005 and is engaged in the production and marketing of biofuels. The company has a biodiesel production plant in Volos with a production capacity of 80,000 tons of biodiesel per year.

Türkiye’s installed solar power capacity expected to reach 30 GW by 2030

Türkiye's installed solar power capacity, which stood at 7.82 GW in 2021, is expected to increase to 30 GW by 2030, the International Solar Energy Community Türkiye Section (GÜNDER) has said in SolarPower Europe's "Global Market Outlook 2022-2026" report.

Wind, solar energy saves Turkey $7 bln in imports

Wind and solar power generation has lowered Turkey's import bills by preventing $7 billion of fossil fuel imports in the last 12 months, London-based Ember said in a report.

In the following months, approximately $700 million in savings is expected each month if the gas price remains the same, the think-tank predicted.

Slovenia yet to sort out renewables

Ljubljana – Slovenia will have to step up the use of renewable energy sources in the coming years if it is to hit EU green transition targets. Investments are, however, often hampered as energy interests collide with environmental concerns, and the power grid is far from robust enough to bring significant renewable sources online.

Parties would invest in a number of sectors, including digitalisation

Ljubljana – Most parties contesting the upcoming election would intensify investment in infrastructure, energy, health and R&D, while they have stressed in response to STA question about which sectors they would invest in most that digitalisation should not be limited to certain sectors because it is important for all segments of society.