Cancer cases rise, but new treatments help patients

Treatments increasingly tailored to individual cases will help boost cancer patients' longevity, ensure a better quality of life and reduce recurrence of cancers in remission, Dr Thanos Dimopoulos, a professor of blood and tumor diseases and former rector of the University of Athens, told Kathimerini in an interview.

Free colon cancer testing

About 2.8 million Greek citizens aged 50-69 will be given the opportunity to do free tests for colon cancer, including a colonoscopy and biopsy.

The national pre-symptomatic testing program will allow people not already diagnosed with colon cancer, Lynch syndrome, adenomatous polypsis, Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis to get a self-test, free of charge, from pharmacies.

King Charles III Diagnosed with Cancer, Postpones Public Duties

Buckingham Palace has announced that Britain's King Charles III has been diagnosed with a form of cancer. Following the diagnosis, doctors have advised the King to postpone public-facing duties, although he will continue to handle official documentation and state business as usual during the scheduled treatments.