Russia Bans Imports of Chinese Meat Products

Russian authorities have banned imports of animal products from China to Russia today, as well as Chinese national visits to the country, Izvestia newspaper reported.

According to the publication, it is no longer possible for travellers to import meat products from China into their hand luggage.

The measure is taken because of the Coronavirus and the ASF.

Global defense expenses up 4 pct in 2019: Report

The world's defense expenses rose 4 percent in 2019, compared to the previous year, a report released by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) revealed on Feb. 14. 

The report -- Military Balance 2020 --, which was revealed at the Munich Security Conference, showed the year 2019 posted the largest annual increase in defense spending during the last decade.

Steady rise in the number of patients recovering from the new coronavirus

A total of 475 patients were discharged from the hospital by Sunday after recovery, Chinese health officials said on Monday.
The first patient in the southwestern city of Sichuan, Suining, recovered from the virus on Monday, bringing the total number of hospital discharges to 13 after recovering in that particular province.

China Allocates Nearly $ 9 Billion to Fight the Deadly Coronavirus

China's finance ministry and China's National Health Commission have allocated nearly $ 9 billion to fight the spread of the coronavirus, Reuters reported.

The death toll has jumped to 81 people today. The government has decided to extend the lunar New Year holidays and a number of large companies have stopped work or ordered their employees to work from home.