Weather in Bulgaria: Cloudy with Rain in Some Places, Max Temp 11°-16° C

Today the clouds will be significant, in some places mainly in the eastern and mountainous regions with rain showers. A light, moderate northwest wind will continue to blow in the eastern regions. The maximum temperatures will be between 11° and 16° Celsius.

Weather in Bulgaria: Expect Temperatures from -3°C to 28°C in October

The average monthly temperature in October will be around and below the norm. Degrees will be from minus 3 to 28 degrees Celsius.

The monthly amount of precipitation in most of the country will be less than usual, which for the southeastern regions is between 60 and 90 l / sq.m, for the rest - between 40 and 60 l / sq.m, in the mountains - from 80 to 100 l / sq.m.

Weather in Bulgaria: Cloudy and Rainy Today

Today the clouds will be significant. Before noon in the western half of the country it will still rain, and in some places in the southwestern regions the quantities will be significant and it will thunder. In the afternoon the precipitation will stop. A light to moderate northeast wind will blow, in southwestern Bulgaria the wind will be from the southeast.