Bulgaria's Day of Courage: Honoring St. George and the Bulgarian Army

On May 6th, Bulgarians commemorate St. George's Day, a significant occasion intertwined with the nation's history and traditions. Renowned as the "Day of Courage of the Bulgarian Army," this holiday pays tribute to the valor and bravery exemplified by Saint George, a revered figure in both religious and cultural contexts.

Celine Dion back making music, releasing five new songs

Pop diva Celine Dion announced the release of new music on April 13, her first since revealing last year that she was suffering from a rare neurological disorder that was affecting her singing.

The new album "Love Again" is the soundtrack for a film of the same name, and contains five new songs as well as past hits.

Rumen Radev: It Depends on the Rule of Law that Bulgarians Believe in their Country and Work Diligently for its Future

The most important thing for our future is to have a strong, competent and independent Bulgarian court, because the rule of law is at the heart of a democratic state. This is what President Rumen Radev said in his speech at the ceremony marking the 60th anniversary of the Sofia City Court.

Greeks and Jews

A persecuted people who, in their effort to protect themselves, evolved into one of the world's most powerful. Through their constant struggle for survival, they have been shown to possess perseverance and wide-ranging abilities. Solidarity is their key ingredient. They are an example to be imitated.

The Greek people are today saving fighters for freedom around the world

The courage of the Greek people during World War II and the courage of people fighting for freedom and democracy around the world today meet each year in Washington, DC. And when they do, something spectacular happens - US presidents make tens of millions aware, a Nobel Prize emerges, dissidents are released from prison and others are provided additional protection.