Credit rating agencies

Ministry notes new confirmations of Slovenia’s credit rating

Ljubljana – The credit rating agencies S&P Global and DBRS Morningstar have confirmed Slovenia’s credit rating, the Finance Ministry has announced. S&P Global confirmed the credit rating at AA- with a stable outlook and DBRS Morningstar at A with an equally stable outlook.

Why Moody’s didn’t upgrade Greece

Moody's proceeded to explain the reasons why it did not upgrade Greece's credit rating from Ba3.

In a new report, the rating agency says that further progress in reforms that will boost investment and growth, the rapid reduction of the debt ratio and the normalization of the banking sector are the factors that will "signal" the upgrade from the current Ba3 with stable prospects.

Fitch affirms Slovenia rating

Ljubljana – Rating agency Fitch has affirmed Slovenia’s credit rating at A with a stable outlook, the Finance Ministry said on Saturday, adding that this showed the agency acknowledged Slovenia’s strong institutional structure, focus on human development and a credible policy framework supported by EU membership.

Fitch upgrades NKBM

Maribor – Ratings agency Fitch has upgraded the long-term credit risk for NKBM, Slovenia’s second largest ban, from BB+ to BBB- with a stable outlook, citing the completion of the merger with Abanka, firm capital position and low share of non-performing loans.

Creditreform Rating affirms Slovenia’s AA- rating

Ljubljana – Creditreform Rating, an European credit rating agency, has affirmed Slovenia’s AA- credit rating with a stable outlook. It says that Slovenia has a strong economic environment, a flexible labour market while its private sector’s indebtedness is low, which should contribute to the country’s post-Covid recovery.