Cyprus peace deal would see economy, incomes grow

A so-far elusive deal to reunite Cyprus would mean more money in pockets on both sides of the ethnically divided island, a World Bank and UN-funded report said Monday.
Presenting the study's results, authors Enrique Aldaz-Carroll and Reena Badiani-Magnusson said a peace accord could boost the incomes of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots by 7 percent within a decade.

Ankara discusses reopening ghost town in Cyprus

The people of Turkey and the Turkish Cyprus will not accept deadlock as the fate of the long-divided Mediterranean island of Cyprus, said Turkey's vice president on Feb. 15.
Fuat Oktay's remarks came during a meeting on the legal, political and economic aspects of reopening the abandoned town of Varosha (Maraş) -- empty for decades -- in the Turkish Cypriot city of Gazimağusa.

Cyprus Medical Association criticizes authorities on handling of suspected coronavirus cases

Critics, including medical professionals, are raising questions over the handling of the coronavirus risk at ports of entry in the Republic of Cyprus.

The second and latest suspected case of coronavirus, known officially as Covid-19, raised multiple concerns in the medical community for the way authorities handled the specific case and overall situation.