Rewarding debtors who pay

The tax administration intends to reward debtors who are consistent with the payment of dues to the state, and to establish new criteria and simpler procedures for granting evidence of tax awareness and debt certificates.

Credit expansion of 4% is expected for this and next year

The Greek banking sector will see this and next year a credit expansion of 4% per annum, per Eurobank Equities, ensuring resilience in interest income and profitability for Greek banks.

This is ahead of the imminent reduction of interest rates by the ECB, expected to start from the second quarter of this year.

Three goals in public debt management

Reducing the ratio of debt-to-gross domestic product at the fastest rate in Europe, achieving higher positions in the rating agencies' scales and further reducing the cost of servicing the country's borrowing, are the three main objectives set by the financial staff for the crucial issue of managing the Greek debt.