Facebook-Partnered Croatian Fact-Checkers Face “Huge Amount of Hatred”

"More or less, it is going well, but the problem is that there is that certain number of people you will never reach because they are simply grounded in their own beliefs for a long time, they reject argumented dialogue," Vidov told BIRN in an interview.

So-called 'anti-vaxxers' perceive the debunking of fake news "as a threat to their agenda," he said.

The importance of reliable journalism

The coronavirus crisis highlighted, particularly on World Press Freedom Day, a more humane, and perhaps more useful, perspective regarding the importance of reliable news reporting. At times like this, when societies are dominated by fear, the risk from ignorance and misinformation intensifies while the need for accurate documentation of events and thorough analysis of data grows.

Intel4Patriam analysis: During social crisis caused by pandemic, misinformation works at full capacity

During the social crisis caused by the pandemic, misinformation works at full capacity, as people are being more sensitive to panic, which causes their critical thinking level to significantly drop, shows an analysis signed by Felix Staicu, co-founder of the educative agency Intel4Patriam.

Some Balkan States Waging ‘Crusade’ Against Media, Report Warns

Media freedom in Turkey, Bulgaria and Montenegro is the worst in the region, according to the 2020 World Press Freedom Index, published on Tuesday by Reporters Without Borders - but other Balkan countries have largely failed to improve.

"In southern Europe, a crusade by the authorities against the media is very active," the report warns.

At video conference of EU ministers, senior defence policy official Cojocaru discusses Army's part in combating COVID-19

Senior official for defence policy, planning and international affairs with Romania's Defence Ministry (MApN) Simona Cojocaru attended on Monday an informal videoconference of the EU defence ministers that included discussing the role of the Army in fighting against the COVID-19 virus.

Central and Eastern Europe Freedom of Information Rights ‘Postponed’

Media regulations across the region have been tightened under states of emergency and journalists have been arrested on accusations of spreading misinformation concerning the response of authorities to the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

Some countries have sought to centralise the dissemination of official information and banned certain media from regular briefings. 

‘Coronaphobia’ spreading quickly among people: Experts

Fear of contracting COVID-19 is threatening people as much as the virus, a member of the Coronavirus Scientific Advisory Board of Turkey has said.

The term "coronaphobia" describes the fear of contracting COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, as the infection has been spreading rapidly across the world.