Denmark experienced its own “Notre Dame of Paris” catastrophe – 400 years of cultural heritage up in flames (videos)

The Old Stock Exchange of Copenhagen was completely destroyed by fire – The iconic building was located near the Danish Parliament & the Royal Palace – It was commissioned by King Christian IV of Denmark

Denmark Implements Mandatory Military Service for Women

Denmark has announced sweeping reforms to its military, marking a historic shift by extending conscription to women for the first time and increasing the standard service time, BBC reported. These changes come alongside plans to bolster the country's defense budget by nearly $6 billion (£4.6 billion) over the next five years to meet NATO targets.

Denmark set to welcome new king after historic abdication

Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik will become king on Sunday after the unprecedented abdication of his mother Queen Margrethe, with more than 100,000 Danes expected to pour into Copenhagen's streets for the historic event.

The 55-year-old future monarch is hugely popular in Denmark, with 82 percent of Danes saying in a recent poll they think he will make a good king.

Türkiye welcomes Denmark move to ban acts against Quran


Türkiye has expressed its support for Denmark's recent move to combat disrespect towards holy books, particularly the Quran.

Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan welcomed the draft law presented in the Danish parliament aimed at preventing hate crimes and punishing perpetrators involved in attacks on sacred texts.

Denmark votes on joining EU’s common defence policy

Traditionally eurosceptic Denmark votes Wednesday in a referendum on whether to overturn its opt-out on the EU's common defence policy after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The vote comes on the heels of neighbouring Finland's and Sweden's historic applications for NATO membership, as the Ukraine war forces countries in Europe to rethink their security policies.