Donald Trump

Rating Downfall: Only 27% of Americans Fully Support Trump

The US president's rating has dropped significantly, RIA Novosti reports. Only 38% of Americans approve of the president's job, according to a BBC television poll and the Washington Post.

Trump receives full approval from only 27% of his fellow citizens, and another 11% partially approve of his work. The same opinion poll in July showed 44% approval.

Erdogan says eyeing Russian jets; plans to meet Trump in New York

President Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday that Turkey will ensure it is able to buy and produce fighter jets and that Russian Su-35s and Su-57s are a possible alternative to US planes.
He also said that he plans to meet US President Donald Trump next month at the United Nations General Assembly in New York in mid-September.

The US Will Build New Barriers Along the Border with Mexico

The Pentagon has approved the construction of an additional 32 km of fences, roads and lighting along the border with Mexico, Politico reports.

Earlier, it was reported that a California court ruled that $ 2.5 million of the Department of Defense's budget could not be used to build a wall, as the administration wanted.