Donald Trump

NATO without America

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the most successful military alliance in history, is stronger than it's ever been. Russia's February 2022 invasion of Ukraine made NATO's continuing purpose and value crystal-clear, and the organization brought in able new members Finland and Sweden.

Controversy Erupts as Trump Labels Illegal Immigrants "Animals" in Fiery Speech

Former President Donald Trump has sparked outrage once again with inflammatory remarks during a campaign-style rally in Michigan, where he referred to immigrants in the United States illegally as "animals." Trump's divisive rhetoric, reminiscent of his earlier speeches, drew condemnation from critics and reignited debates over immigration policy and language used by political leaders.<

Trump Launches Bible Sales Campaign: "Make America Pray Again"

Amidst preparations for the Easter holiday, former US President Donald Trump has embarked on a unique venture, selling Bibles adorned with the American flag and featuring the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Targeting conservative evangelical Christians, Trump aims to "Make America Pray Again," urging supporters to acquire what he dubs his "favorite book."