Ukraine Halts Russian Advance in Kharkiv, Secures Return of 75 Prisoners

The advance of Russian forces in the northern Kharkiv region was successfully halted by Ukrainian forces, according to Michael Carpenter, a representative of the US National Security Council, in a televised interview. Carpenter highlighted the high number of Russian casualties and emphasized that their objectives were not met.

US Allows Ukraine Strikes on Russian Soil Near Kharkiv?

According to Reuters, a US official has confirmed that the United States has granted Ukraine permission to utilize weapons provided by the US to target Russian territory, specifically in the vicinity of the heavily bombarded Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. This decision marks a significant shift in President Joe Biden's previous stance, where he had consistently opposed such actions.

Ukrainian Parliament Considers Bill Allowing Convicted Individuals to Serve in Army

In a move aimed at bolstering the ranks of the Ukrainian armed forces amidst the ongoing war with Russia, the Verkhovna Rada has approved a bill in its first reading that would permit convicted individuals to serve in the military, as reported by Reuters.

Putin Urges Residents of Annexed Regions to Vote in Russian Presidential Elections

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called upon citizens across Russia, including those residing in the annexed territories of Crimea and Donbas, to participate in the upcoming presidential elections and "express their will and wishes" for the future of the country.

"Azov" Returned to the Front

The "Azov" brigade resumed combat tasks at the front.

This was announced at a briefing by the spokesman of the Main Directorate of the National Guard of Ukraine, Colonel Mykola Urshalovich, quoted by "Unian".

"The legendary Azov brigade was replenished and began to perform combat tasks in the Serebryansk Forest region," he said.