Electricity market

Energy regulator ANRE: It is illegal to force suppliers to deliver energy at lowest price

Forcing suppliers to deliver energy to household consumers at the lowest price is illegal, as it would be in violation of European regulations and would amount to a new Ordinance 114, on Tuesday said Zoltan Nagy-Bege, Vice-President of the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), at the online conference "Electricity in the Free Market" organized by the Bursa newspaper.

Bulgaria: Forecasts for Record Drop in Power Generation Proved Right

If we compare the data of 2020 and 2019, we can see that electricity generation has fallen by almost 8%, which is a record for the last 10 years. Consumption also decreased by about 2.5%, but the export-import balance, which decreased by 41%, according to ESO data makes the strongest impression, energy expert Pavlin Pavlov told 3e news.net.

Deadline for setting up competitive retail energy contracts extended until March 31

The National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) has extended until March 31, 2021 the deadline until which household consumers can conclude energy supply contracts on the competitive market, ANRE vice president Zoltan Nagy-Bege told AGERPRES on Monday.

Rise in the Price of Electricity in November at the Bulgarian Energy Exchange

After a short fluctuation in October, the prices of electricity traded on the Energy exchange (BNEB) are going up again, according to the monthly report of BNEB.

 In November in the segment "Day ahead" the base electricity reached an average price of BGN 93.28 per megawatt hour, which is 10.5% more expensive than in October.

Energy regulator to probe power prices

The wholesale electricity market has not been running smoothly and authorities are concerned that exorbitant price rises may find their way onto consumers' bills.

A month after the so-called "target model" to determine wholesale electricity prices was introduced in Greece, prices have more than tripled, prompting the Energy Regulatory Authority (RAE) to intervene.

Electricity demand in Turkey ‘alarmingly’ low: Association

Electricity generation at natural gas plants has decreased dramatically due to decline in demand, Electricity Producers Association head Cem Aşık said on April 23.

"We expect a decrease of 20 percent in demand this month. The decrease in demand will be 17 percent in May and 4 percent in June, according to our estimates," he said.

Power firms offer discounts to customers

The electricity market is trying to express solidarity with companies and individuals suffering from the effects of the coronavirus epidemic, with Public Power Corporation and Elpedison announcing measures in a bid to make life easier for their customers and heeding the call to that effect by Energy Minister Kostis Hatzidakis.