Ethical consumerism

Consumers show mixed response to restaurant boycott call

The call for a boycott of restaurants and cafes due to exorbitant price increases has received a mixed response from consumers and business owners over the weekend.

Social media users initiated the boycott, which was scheduled to take place on April 20-21, to express their discontent with rising prices.

Inflated prices spark nationwide restaurant boycott calls

Thousands of people have issued a call to boycott restaurants and cafes this weekend, accusing business owners of exploiting economic issues and inflation as an excuse to set exorbitant prices.

The boycott plea has resonated widely among the public, with several prominent figures lending their support.

Some high school students boycott remote learning to call for reopening

Ljubljana/Velenje – A number of secondary school students boycotted remote learning on Tuesday to express support for a movement that seeks face-to-face teaching at secondary schools. Opinions about this among students are still divided, though, a representative of the relevant organisation said.

"Give me one argument why I should be in favor of a boycott"

According to him, in the world of sports, no one has ever won any trophy by sitting at home.
"And why I would support a boycott? Give me a single argument as to why I should be in favour of a boycott and how it will help me and my people get better the day after. So far, I haven't found one", Sapic told the NIN weekly.

„Return street dialogue to institutions’’

Antonijevi is the director of the Foundation for Open Society, which organizes government and opposition talks on election conditions. So far, in three rounds, at the FPS roundtables, the authorities and the oppostion discussed about media and financing campaigns, and on the 5th and 9th of September there will be a voters' list and voting rights of citizens.