It is Possible For Bulgaria to Join the "Waiting Room" For the Euro Area by June 2020

Bulgaria can join the ERM II exchange rate mechanism in the first or second quarter of 2020. This was stated by the head of the European Banking Restructuring Council, Elke König. The leading institution in the process is the European Central Bank, with its response expected in mid-summer or early fall, BNR reports.

The Euro Zone Budget Will Be Approximately EUR 17 Billion

European finance ministers have agreed on the details of a relatively small investment and reform budget within the euro area, which will start operating in 2021.

The euro zone budget, known as the Budgetary Instrument for Convergence and Competitiveness (BICC), is expected to be finalized next year and start operating in 2021, Eurogroup President Mario Centeno said on Thursday.

BNR governor Isarescu: Romania seriously affected by asymmetric shocks if it switched to euro now

If Romania were to switch to the euro now, it would be seriously affected by asymmetric shocks, and this is why it chose the middle path in its efforts to adopt the European single currency, considering that a real convergence of 70 - 75 percent - compared to the current 61 percent - is critical for this step, governor of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) Mugur Isarescu on Friday told the Buch

105 million euro surplus in international commerce with live animals, in first semester

Romania exported, in the first six months of 2019, live animals totaling 205.9 million euro, 10.1 pct more than in the similar period of last year, according to data centralized by the National Institute of Statistics. On the other hand, imports of live animals clocked in at 100.6 million euro (+6.8 pct), resulting in a surplus of 105.3 million euro.