Eurostat reveals shocking inflation figures

Eurostat's inflation divs for both the Eurozone and Greece have set new records causing a veritable shock around the continent.

In particular, inflation in the eurozone was 8.6% in June from 8.1% in May, according to the preliminary data published today by the official statistical authority of the European Union.

The picture in Greece

NLB bank well prepared for turbulent times, chairman says

Ljubljana – Slovenia’s largest bank NLB is in excellent shape and well prepared for turbulent times ahead, chairman of the board Blaž Brodnjak said after today’s shareholder meeting. He is also not concerned by the tightening of monetary policy in the eurozone. When necessary, households and companies will be assisted, he announced.

For the First Time in 11 years, the ECB is starting to Raise Interest Rates

The European Central Bank confirmed on Thursday that it would end a long-running scheme to pour billions of euros into the Eurozone economy on July 1st by buying bonds and signaled a series of interest rate hikes as early as next month as it fights persistently high inflation.

Bulgaria: Demanding a Referendum on the Euro is Unconstitutional

Even if Bulgaria's membership in the Eurozone is not approved, this does not mean that any sovereignty of the real monetary policy of the BNB will be preserved. An analysis by Krasen Stanchev, ClubZ.

"Sovereignty" is not linked to and is not "betrayed" by the introduction of the euro

EC: Croatia is Ready for the Eurozone, Bulgaria is Not

Bulgaria meets three of the four economic convergence criteria needed to join the Eurozone.

This is stated in a report released yesterday by the European Commission.

The criteria that our country fulfills are for stable and sustainable public finances, stability of exchange rates and long-term interest rates.