Funding the economy

One of the scourges of the economic policy adopted by the country's previous administration was the cuts made to the public investments program to make fiscal space for social handouts. On top of its more immediate repercussions, this policy risks leaving a great deal of European funding untapped.

Greece lags behind in e-payments

Greece is in second-to-last place among the 19 eurozone countries and 24th among all 28 European Union member-states in electronic payments per inhabitant, including payments with credit and debit cards and online transfers of money and e-payments of bills, according to European Central Bank data for 2018.

Capital general mayor launches for public debate introduction of "Oxygen" vignette

General Mayor of Bucharest Gabriela Firea announced on Wednesday the launch for public debate of a project that provides for the purchase of a vignette, dubbed "Oxygen", for all cars entering the Capital, but are not registered in Bucharest or Ilfov county (the county surrounding the city, ed.n.).