European Investment Bank

Greece lags greatly in productive investments

The gap in productive investments in Greece remains large, as they represent approximately 12% of the country's gross domestic prouct, compared to approximately 16% of GDP in the European Union, according to the annual investment survey of the European Investment Bank for 2023, presented on Thursday in Athens by its chief economist, Deborah Revoltella.

EU lender to expand defense financing

The EU's financing body has said it would open up lending to more technologies that can be used by militaries as Europe pushes to rearm in the face of Russia's war on Ukraine.

The European Union has been clambering to produce more weapons in a bid to continue the flow of arms and ammunition to Kiev and keep Europe's own stocks in good health.

Bulgaria and 13 EU Nations Rally for Increased Defense Financing from European Investment Bank

Amid growing concerns over security threats posed by Russian aggression, Bulgaria and a coalition of 13 other European Union countries have urged the European Investment Bank (EIB) to bolster defense financing. The call, joined by powerhouse nations Germany and France, aims to enhance the bloc's defense capabilities in response to escalating tensions, as reported by Bloomberg.